LifeChoices® Membership Program

It’s your home, wouldn’t you rather stay there?

Statistics show that 90% of seniors would like to stay in their own home as long as possible. However, many seniors struggle with how to balance health, wellness, and home maintenance with their desire to age in place. 

LifeChoices®, our Continuing Care at Home Program, is Michigan’s first membership program designed to deliver a range of services and support throughout your lifetime, helping you maintain your independence and remain in your own home. Enjoy the security of knowing services and support needed will be at your fingertips with a simple call. Contact Us »

LifeChoices® is membership-based program that uniquely combines the most important features of long-term care into one comprehensive and affordable wellness plan, helping you to maintain your independence while remaining in your home. You will enjoy life-long security knowing that any services and support you need will be right at your fingertips with one simple call.

Members enjoy the benefit of an assigned coach who will support you and help you navigate the often challenging world of health care.  Members also enjoy perks that include personal wellness and exercise programs designed just for you by your certified personal trainer, as well as housekeeping and handyman services.

If at any time you need additional support in the home, such as home care, we are there.  If you are recovering from an illness or injury in a post-acute care facility, we will be there to guide you and get you back home, where you belong.

Ready to learn more about LifeChoices®?

For specific information about this very unique program, call to speak with one of our advisors at 734-295-9292, click here to request more information, or attend an event: